Young Blues

Sarah Sturgis
2 min readOct 30, 2021

Warning: I am writing another blog to let my audience and future audience know another tragedy has happened in my life.

If you have read my first blog you will know in the year 2020 I lost my dad and two months after losing my father I lost my uncle following this year in June I also lost my grandma and recently on October 16th, 2021 my friend for over 4 years high school days has been in a hit and run with her sister in law and unfortunately, neither one made it. Sadly I am just finding out today in which she was laid to rest.

Young blues represent the child in our hearts in which build us an adult. Sitting here in my shell wondering why is my childhood ripped apart. Why the pain?… We are all young and enjoy the blue of life. My friend loved blue and she will forever be in my heart. I ask for healing as I write to strangers to be with everyone in the world today as we need strength and unity.

Appreciate life, Appreciate Love, Appreciate Indifferences… ✨

Our mind and feeling changes and have phases like the moon. The moon is shared with everyone on earth and that’s why I feel everyone has a purpose in life that will eventually help another person.

Today felt like deja vu all over again and once again my heart feels like it's being stomped on as I haven't fully healed from my grandma, dad, uncle with 1 year to 2-year time frame is a tough pill to swallow.

“In Dedication Of Brittany Jones”

I love you, young blues

Your smile light to the room

You yap to your loved ones and carry your sweet tender heart

Help crawl out the dark with sensitive touch

Jokes for the day with a blink of an eye.

You're beautiful like the universe, your mind, the body will carry

power and the mind will stay existent for the next realm.

I will not forget the lazy day of high school, the friend

that saves me from broken-hearted ways from people that overlooked our

friendship in many ways. You are connected with many souls, our only option will be to forever stand by the young blues.

Sarah Sturgis

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