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3 min readOct 29, 2021


Vision Behind The Innovation

Let’s start with this….

Start with vision…

When we drive on the highway we usually see more land than buildings especially if we reside in the country.

Below as I was the passenger, sitting with my baby boy and daughter as my husband drive. Outside reminded me why life should be more cherished and acknowledged.

This pic was taken somewhere in Columbia, SC.

Imagine your innovation on this land, your goal. What will you do to build your goals?…

I love this concept for many reasons. Our mind and body are like the soil and land. In order to make the land look great, we have to set a plan of action.

What Do You Plan To Do In The Present Time? Are you figuring out how to help that land grow or are you the passenger in a car riding past it?

Let me tell you how I felt on the passenger side!

Left behind and handicapped versus being the driver. LOL!

Not really feeling the passenger… what can I do to make a move onto the next seat. Do I stand up and say “ Hey I am going to drive”? Or Do you ask current driver can drive?

To flip this around will you wait till someone leads you or will you take that stand and become the leader without a doubt.

The essentials of leadership will take you very far and also have common sense on your ability to become a leader without being dragged into the corporate world.

Communication should be a natural skill and of course, you have others whose voice is ignored like mines, blogging is my resource to reach out to others in higher understanding.

Let me tell you a story of how I am still building my essential skills maybe you can relate. =)

Storytime from my life… Another fact about me will be that I was bullied from age 4 years and up by my stepfather's family, yes my father I mention in my very first blog “Westside Story”.

Bullying has always come across me somehow and now that I am older I realize it’s hurt people that weren't…



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