Sarah Sturgis
4 min readOct 16, 2021


Stranger Things

Many of us experience so many things throughout our life it sometimes feels like we are a realm of repetitive energy.

Maybe we are……..

Think of this concept we always use the term Deju Vu when we see an accurately repeated situation. Our brains believe we did this particular action already. Well, I believe Deju Vu is a glitch as we are in the matrix.

When it comes all boiling down in my eyesight the Deja Vu can be explained as different vibrations in which are fighting and overlapping.

When my father died on July 22nd, 2020 my soul walked away and I could not feel my body at all and all I could see is the spiral of the matrix as if I had been there already. When I say spiral it’s completely relevant with an image of an actual life experience that will have you questioning if something really took place and you come back in contact with that thought or action.

All I could think of was the famous show “ Netflix Series “ Stranger Things”…

Powerful Image.

We all feel this way when something traumatic arrives in our time of life.

Well, let’s look at this as a rebirth of life….

When I enter a room of a church with chills down my arms deciding rather if I want to open those doors to the room where my father was laying down in silence as if he was in the “upside-down” world, I was still trying to figure out where did he really go. My body was walking but had no sense of where I was… Scary Time Of My Life…

I slowly walked over with my sister and slowly had a heart motion drift as if I got pulled back into the matrix world and slowly reminisce the real of our life together that felt like the term “Deju Vu “ and rub his forehead and felt his energy in the room.

His energy was adapting to the new world he enter and as I left to be in the home he Passover in… there was an evil glitch in this matrix and playing as my father trying to manipulate my emotion to do evil.



Sarah Sturgis

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